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Help Japan with 2 of 8 More Volunteer Translation Opportunities

Looking for more volunteer opportunities? If none of the ones listed on our previous list of volunteer translation opportunities suit your fancy, scope out these eight more. There’s even one to help out Japan!

1. Translators Without Borders

Translators Without Borders was founded in 1993 by Lori Thicke in Paris, France. Since then, TWB grew to provide free translations to humanitarian organizations around the world. Each board member at TWB has their own impressive list of accomplishments and startups so you’ll certainly be amongst good company!

2. Bonaventure House

The Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry is currently looking for a volunteer to help them change the lives of those with living HIV/AIDS. For now, they need someone to translate English-Spanish, but this may change in the future. The services can be performed either from home or at their sites in Illinois.

3. Global Voices Online

“The world is talking, are you listening?” Millions of people are blogging and podcasting, Global Voices Online says, but it can be hard to find respected and credible voices. They help bring you new perspectives and thoughts from around the world, focusing on stories that aren’t being covered by mainstream media.

4. TED

You may know the TED project, the widespread speech series called “Ideas Worth Spreading.” You may not know they need translators to help spread the series around the world! There are currently 1668 projects with just over a thousand translators to perform them in 86 different languages, so there’s no shortage of work.

5. Translators 4 Kids

No deception in their name – if it helps kids, Translators 4 Kids is on it! They specifically say on their website they are not affiliated with any political or religious groups or any other charity organization. They are totally funded through member and charity donations and rely on friendly translators like you to help them help kids!

6. China Dialogue

Many were shocked when China offered their support to Japan when the latter was hit by the earthquake recently. However, human kindness often surprises us. So now you can sign up with China Dialogue and aid them in getting news from the volatile area to the rest of the world. Obviously, they also cover China and other countries in the region.

7. Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match matches up workers with who needs them – not just in translation services, either. This is another site where you can sign up to help out with the tragedy in Japan, as they have a separate page just for opportunities in that region.

8. Bilingual Career

Aside from helping you find a job in translation, Bilingual Career also hooks up volunteers with those in need. They say it serves a double purpose: you get to feel good while helping, but at the same time you’re building up experience and making contacts. A win-win!