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GOP Presidential Candidates’ Stance on Immigration

Once of the biggest issues being discussed in the 2012 Presidential Campaign is immigration. Below is a brief summary of the top G.O.P. candidates and their stance on the issue.

The GOP Candidates

GOP Label Michelle Bachmann – Bachmann doesn’t believe in making new laws on immigration. She believes that the problems stem from officials not enforcing existing laws. Bachmann wants a wall or fence erected along the entire U.S.-Mexico border to help prevent illegal immigration.

Herman Cain – Like Bachmann, Cain believes that there are enough laws to combat illegal immigration and that the focus should be on enforcement. Cain argues that securing the border, enforcing the laws, and promoting U.S. citizenship will end the problem. Cain also believes that immigration laws should be decided at the state level, rather than the federal government.

Newt Gingrich – Gingrich would prevent illegal immigration by better controlling the U.S. borders.  However, Gingrich is uncertain as to which illegal immigrants should be deported vs. given amnesty.  He does believe in promoting legal immigration that brings the best and brightest to the U.S.

Ron Paul – Paul looks at immigration from an economic perspective. He believes that the problem with immigration stems from immigrants being given entitlements such as Social Security, food stamps, education, medical care, and amnesty.  Paul also believes in amending the 14th Amendment to rewrite the “birthright clause,” thus eliminating the incentive for illegal immigrants to have their children born in the U.S.

Rick Perry – Perry’s stance on immigration mirrors that of the Democrats – providing those here illegally and in good standing an opportunity to enjoy rights such as education.  To slow illegal immigration, he believes in increasing manpower, technology and fencing along the border.

Mitt Romney – Romney is an advocate for legal immigration and has two ideas to help prevent illegal immigration. First, he wants to establish a system where every non-citizen carries a card informing employers on their work status.  In addition, employers who hire illegal immigrants would be subject to same penalties as those who don’t pay their taxes. Secondly, Romney would increase spending on fencing off the U.S. and Mexico border and additional manpower.  Romney is also against amnesty for illegal immigrants.