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Top 5 German Pick Up Lines

Even though February, the month of all those sentimental emotions, has officially past, we’d like to keep the love alive as we keep circling the globe to fuel your love connections in different languages. Onwards to Germany!

Germany has a reputation for being more accepting when it comes to that crazy little thing called love– after all they were the leaders in the Romantic Era of the 1800s with Beethoven and Goethe. The new German romantics, such as Politycki, are different from their forefathers. Now, the scene in Germany has changed quite a bit since those olden days; it’s much more varied and wild than ever before. This does not mean that all German girls are looking for the kind of man who hides all of his emotion behind an exaggerated façade of masculinity. Most German girls probably would not respond to an über-macho man and would take a while of dating before she would be interested in you.

On the other hand, Germany is known for one of the most risqué red light districts out there. As one travel blogger recounts, Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany functions as one of the most outrageous and popular spots in Europe for ever-controversial sex tourism. Then again, other cities, like Berlin for instance, are romantic destinations for couples.

Whether your destination is Reeperbahn or Berlin, see how these German pick up lines work for you!

  1. 1. Sorry, ich möchte dich nicht dumm anmachen, aber ich hätte nichts dagegen, wenn du es tust.

Sorry, I don’t want to hit on you, but I wouldn’t mind if you did.

  1. 2. würde gerne der Grund für Deine schlaflose Nacht sein.

I’d love to be the reason for your sleepless night.

  1. 3. Hallo, ich stelle mich mal besser zu dir, sonst sprechen dich noch irgendwelche fremden Männer an.

Hi, I better come and stand next to you before some strangers decide to talk to you.

  1. 4. Ich bin so schlecht im Bett-das musst du erlebt haben!

I am so bad in bed-you need to experience it!

And the Rev.com Fav:

  1. 5. Entschuldigung, aber auf welchen Anmachspruch würdest du denn am positivsten reagieren?

Sorry, but which pick up line would you like the best?

Using German Pick Up Lines

Now for a little training from a German pulling the moves, watch this clip from Zweiohrküken (Rabbit Without Ears II) in which he tries to pick up a Muslim woman using the German version of the “Is your father a terrorist?” pick up line from our French post.

NOTE: The video is in German without subtitles, but you can gauge the reactions and outcome of his pursuits. Also notice the second woman in the clip who introduces herself as Lana, and then proceeds to tell him to think of her name backwards so that he’ll remember it better… The hunter becomes the hunted.

Let us know the reactions you get when you pull out one of these in front of a German!

Many thanks to Nicole W. and others for contributing input!