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8 Volunteer Translation Opportunities

Whether you are new to the translation industry and still building your business or you’re a seasoned translating pro and just want to use some of your expertise to give back, in today’s global world, there are always volunteer translation opportunities available. These are just 8 of the most interesting ones we’ve seen lately.

8 Ways for Translators to Volunteer their Expertise

1. Translations for Progress – This website pairs up translators with grassroots organizations around the globe. They are looking for native speakers, language students, or professionals who want to get involved with social issues. They tout volunteering as an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the problems and issues in a region as way to prepare for a career in non-profits.

2. Translation Coordinator with Givology.orgGivology.org is a grassroots organization that allows donors to sponsor an education initiative in a developing country. Launched in March 2008 by students at the University of Pennsylvania, they stand out because they encourage relationships between sponsors and they children they help educated by using social media and blogging. They’re looking for a volunteer translation coordinator to assist in this effort!

3. Ashoka’s Volunteer Translation Opportunities – Ashoka is a well-known organization that supports social entrepreneurship and citizen changemaking. They always list interesting opportunities on their website! Current opportunities include preserving cultural heritage by translating French and Spanish documents, and translating marketing materials aimed at microcinemas. (Intriguing!)

4. Idealist.org Volunteer Translation Opportunities – Many job seekers know this website as the go-to spot for non-profit opportunities, but Idealist.org also has a volunteer opportunity page where you can find plenty of on-site translation and interpretation opportunities.

5. United Nations Volunteers – The United Nations has an online clearing house for volunteers, and one of the most popular opportunities is translation. Click here for translation volunteer opportunities.

6. The Martin and Mirash Ivanaj Foundation – If you speak Albanian, this New York-based non-profit wants your help for occasional document translation in order to advance their goals to educate Albanian young people.

7. Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW) – This non-profit dedicated to assisting burn survivors in multiple countries and is looking for volunteers to devote 2 or more hours per week to translation. Many languages are available.

8. The Rosetta Foundation – In their own words, “It’s not that information doesn’t exist at all. Often the major problem is that information doesn’t exist in the language of the recipient. You can help to change that.” The Rosetta Foundation is looking for both professional and amateur translators to help translate documents from non-profits and NGO’s.