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The 5 Best Spanish Pickup Lines (And A Song)

As proven earlier this week, the French think they have that whole “language of love” thing in their pockets. But some of us beg to differ. There are 47 other languages and dialects out there that can claim to be “Romance languages” and only one of them is the language of Pablo Neruda. (Don’t know Neruda? Whip out one of his poems the next time you are in wooing mode. You can thank him later.)

What is that language of love and romance? The language of Neruda; the language of the Latin Lover? Why, it’s Spanish, of course.

Five “traditional” Spanish-language pickup lines that are sure to get your intended señor or señorita’s attention

1. Hola, soy un ladrón, y estoy aquí para robar tu corazón.

Hello, I am a thief. And I am here to steal your heart.

2. Deberias caminar en la sombra porque los bombones derriten en el sol.

You should walk in the shade because chocolate melts in the sun.

3. Espero que adonde vayas encuentres siempre un cielo tan azul y tan profundo como el que yo encontré en tus ojos.

I hope that wherever you go you find the sky as deep and blue as I found in your eyes.

4. Cuidado preciosa, tantas curvas y yo sin freno.

Careful, precious, so many curves and me with no brakes!

5. Si amarte fuera trabajo, no existiria el desempleo.

If loving you were a job, there would be no unemployment.

Or you could just follow in this aspiring Latin Lover’s footsteps and put a single semester of Spanish to good use in the love arena…

One Semester of Spanish – Love Song
– Spanish Mike

Thanks to Christopher LesleyLaura BrewerClaudia MonroyEfrain Villar and Marce Toquica Gordillo for help coming up with these romantic lines! We’ll leave you to decide who uses what.