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Why Credential Evaluations?

If you’re entering a country for education or to take a specific job, you will more often than not have experience or course work to show off. These credentials, beyond your diploma, need to be evaluated to authenticate your past accomplishments.

This credential evaluation is often performed by a third party company. You are assigned to a specific evaluator who obtains all your credentials for review. This person must go over every document you’ve submitted and individually verify them. Once they’re verified, they are available to submit for evidence.

The papers evaluated during a credential evaluation are evaluated by the same criteria:
• Admissions requirements
• Education level
• Type of institution
• Objective of educational program
• Information measured against US standards
• All grades and courses converted to US equivalents

After a thorough investigation, the evaluator is either satisfied or not. Either way, they send their recommendation to immigration. If you’re unhappy with the results, you can try to appeal the decision.