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What is a Credential Evaluation?

When an immigrant puts in their bid to come into the United States in order to study, i.e. on a student visa, they are required to submit proof of their work leading up to their current standing. For instance, if they want to enter the country to get their Master’s Degree, they must submit proof of getting their Bachelor’s Degree. Makes sense, right?

However, it’s only natural the academic institution, not to mention the government, would want to verify these credentials. So they put the applicant up for a credential evaluation.

There are many companies out there that perform this work, often with members from colleges from around the country. This evaluation isn’t necessarily because the government assumes the applicant is lying about his or her academic qualifications; there are other reasons for the check.

What to expect from a credential evaluation

The school an immigrant attended in their country might not be an equivalent to a school in the United States. Even though the applicant has a Bachelor’s Degree, some of the courses might not be the same. As a result, the credential evaluation would determine if their current level of education is equal to the level of education they would need to study further in the U.S.

After a thorough investigation by several members of the evaluation company, the applicant is either approved or denied.

Through this method of approval, both the government and the academic institutions within, know the immigrants coming in on student visas are qualified and truly eager to learn.