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How to Get Ready for an Immigration Interview

Your immigration interview is quite possibly one of the most nerve-wracking experiences you’ll go through in your entire life. However, there’s no need to be so worried! In fact, too much pre-interview stress can make the process more difficult on you than it needs to be.

Preparing for an immigration interview

First, keep in mind that immigration interviewers are extremely busy and usually overworked. This means they don’t have time to mess around very much. So they may be short and to the point. Don’t let this throw you off or make you think they hate your guts. They just have a bunch of other people to talk to that day and want to go home on time.

To make the process less painful for both you and the interviewer, be prepare ahead of time!

Make copies

One great tip is to make copies of every single document you’ve already submitted. This includes your birth certificate and any letters from family members. You probably won’t need them, but it never hurts. Something may have gotten lost!

Get an interpreter

Next, if you need an interpreter at all, get one immediately.  And I definitely mean at ALL. It takes only one little slip-up in your interview for things to go horribly wrong. An interpreter can prevent unnecessary headaches by catching your little language goofs.

Be your best

A few other tips to remember are to dress nicely and be as polite as possible. Above all else, tell the truth! A little lie can quickly turn into ten big lies – and you may find yourself out of the country!

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