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E-mail to Winners of Diversity Visa Program is a Total Scam

Wow! This morning, I was awarded a permanent resident card (green card) from the U.S. Department of State Diversity Visa program. I cannot still believe my luck! I did absolutely nothing to apply for this program. Most people need to complete and send an electronic form available at the U.S. Department of State’s website during the registration period (usually October to November). But I never registered for this program and I still won! So I guess, today is really my lucky day. Isn’t it?

It does not matter that I am Mexican and that those born in one of the 18 countries that have sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States in the previous five years, DO NOT qualify for a diversity visa. Maybe there are fewer Mexicans in the U.S. than everybody else figured out? Or maybe I am SO lucky that the U.S. Department of State awarded me that visa regardless of my country of origin.
Visa Scam

Diversity Visa Email Scam

If you don’t believe how lucky I am today, I share with you this e-mail and maybe you will believe me.

According to this e-mail, my new green card will give all the privileges to live in the U.S. except for voting or applying for certain positions at the U.S. government. But after six years with a resident card, one can also become a U.S. citizen and then be able to vote and maybe work for the U.S. government. Of course, the visa is NOT free. One just need to make a deposit of $880 to a guy in London through a money transfer service such as Western Union. I am planning to make that payment TODAY. Actually, there is a Western Union inside an H-E-B so I will buy some groceries and pay for my green card at the same time.

U.S. Department of State warns that visa lottery winners are not notified by e-mail

If you still have doubts, here is a scam alert from the U.S. Department of State about this fraudulent type of e-mails. The most important thing is that the U.S. Department of State NEVER sends an e-mail to notify the winners. Applicants need to check their online status to find out if they won a visa like this one.

Worth noting that while many businesses and services charge huge amounts to process an application, they cannot give any guarantee that the applicant will be selected because the visa lottery is random.

We recommend you to read more about the rules of this visa program here. Of course, we’re happy to assist in the process.