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How to Get Your Podcast Transcribed

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Transcribing your podcast has many benefits, although it can be time-consuming to do yourself. You would need to listen back to your podcast and type out every word you said. Using a transcription service allows someone else to get the job done. Here are a few reasons you need to transcribe your podcast and why you should choose Rev.com as your transcription provider.

Why Transcribe Your Podcast?

Transcription is a useful service to provide to your audience because some people prefer to read instead of listen. In addition, people whose first language isn’t English might find it easier to read your content, as they can take a written page at their own pace and not have to cope with accents or background noise.

Transcription also helps your podcast grow its audience. Text shows up in Web search results, whereas audio content is not searchable. Transcription also means that you can review your work and analyze it in detail, which means you can learn from what worked and what didn’t to improve your podcast.

Why Choose Rev.com as Your Transcription Service?

Here are four key reasons Rev.com is the best transcription provider:

1. We’re best for your budget

Rev charges only a dollar per minute to transcribe your podcast. That’s one of the best prices available in the industry. You’ll struggle to find another transcription service that can match Rev on price without compromising on quality.

2. Our turnaround time is incredible

Your audience might expect the transcription of your podcast to be uploaded as soon as you’ve finished recording your latest episode. While it’s nice to be in demand, meeting the expectations of an impatient crowd every week can be tough. You can rely on Rev to help you out. Our turnaround time is usually fewer than 24 hours, much faster than many of our competitors — just what you need when you have a text-hungry crowd demanding their latest podcast fix.

3. We use real people, not machines

Some transcription services use machines to transcribe audio, which is bad news for their customers. While machines do many things as well or better than people do, transcribing audio is something that is still best handled by people. Human transcribers notice when a word seems out of context and double check, whereas machines often miss that kind of mistake. No matter how good your podcasts are, low-quality audio transcripts turn off otherwise loyal readers, so it’s not worth taking the risk on machine transcription. Get the real thing with Rev.com.

4. We make it easy

We don’t try to confuse our customers with complicated pricing structures or hidden costs. Our pricing is clear and simple; the price you see is the price you pay. We also don’t want to cause you any unnecessary headaches. As a busy podcaster, you have enough to do without wasting time clicking through our website looking for the checkout. That’s why our online checkout process is streamlined and easy to use. Why make life more difficult than it needs to be?


Transcribing your podcast is important for growing and retaining your audience. By choosing Rev.com as your transcription service, you can quickly and easily get your podcasts transcribed and posted online. All you need to do is keep coming up with great topics to captivate your audience.