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What Documents are Required for a Green Card ?

Paperwork for a Green Card is Extensive!If you’re looking to gain entry into the United States then you’re going to need quite a few documents. Which specific documents you need depend on how you intend to initiate your immigration process. You may be immigrating due to a job, or to be closer to a spouse or close family member. No matter why you are immigrating, you’ll be filling out quite a few papers.

Visa Petition For Green Card

Of course you’ll start out with a visa petition. The exact form you and your sponsor fill out depends on who the sponsor is. For instance, the I-130 is for a close family member like a parent or sibling, and the I-129F is for a fiancé.

Vaccination Report for Green Card

Now, you’ll want to get a copy of your vaccination report from your personal doctor. The exact vaccinations you are required to have sometimes vary, but for the United States this will almost always include hepatitis A & B, measles, and mumps

DNA Test for Green Card

Next, if your sponsor is a family member, you will need to provide proof you are related. This can include getting a complete DNA test to verify your relationship. Testing can be expensive, and only certain laboratories are approved by the Department of State, so choose the lab carefully.

Personal Documentsts for Green Card

Other papers that are important to always have handy are your birth certificate, passport, and any travel documents you’ve been assigned. The latter documents are usually only needed in the exceptional case of an immigrant seeking asylum in the United States.

Whatever you do, be sure to gather all of your important documents before petitioning to immigrate to the United States. Missing or improperly prepared documents can be a time consuming and costly mistake.  If you do not provide the necessary documents, you may find your green card denied!