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Kiss Me, I’m a Freelancer

photo of office lifeIn these tough economic times, many are ditching the 9-5 grind and opting for the freelancing route. Not just for writers or artists, there are wide array of gigs available to workers seeking a more flexible lifestyle. There are a number of reasons why working for yourself can be a fun and rewarding way to make a living. Here are just a few:

More Job Security   Believe it or not, freelancers can have more job security than their 9-5 counterparts. By carefully diversifying your clients, you can avoid the “all eggs in one basket” scenario that many employees in the corporate world face. As a freelance translator, there are lots of ways to diversify your income. Find some great examples here.

Show Me the Money Many report choosing the freelancing route because of the higher rates of pay. They found that with a little self-discipline, they were able to make more money working for themselves than with full-time employment. In fact, after honing their skills and building a solid portfolio, some freelance translators report making a six-figure salary!

Wanderlust Want to throw everything in a backpack and head to Thailand for a month? Itching to see an Icelandic sunset? Craving a cross-country road trip? As long as there is WiFi available, most freelancers can set up shop anywhere their heart desires. For some advice on how to work successfully while traveling, check out Carmen Bolaños’s super fun and informative guide: The Nu Nomad: Location Independent Living.

Everyday is Casual Friday The best thing about working remotely? Wearing your pajamas to work! When you’re a freelancer, everyday is casual Friday. I’m talking flannel pants, bed-head, and Homer Simpson slippers. If that isn’t a perk, I don’t know what is.

Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work As a freelancer, you can take on as many or as few gigs as you need. This means you can give yourself the freedom to pursue outside interests or hobbies if your pocketbook permits. Woohoo! Now you can take that Salsa class that’s only offered on Tuesday afternoons.

Take Control of Your Career You can have the freedom to create as wide or narrow a portfolio as you’d like when working from home. As a translator, you can specialize in one type of document, such as university application essays. Or, you could try your hand at as many different kinds of documents as possible. All in all, you have freedom to develop your career in the way that you choose. To read about how to develop a lucrative career as a translator, read about the Secrets of Six-Figure Translators.

Not convinced? Here are 101 more reasons why working from home’s the way to go.

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