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Five Popular U.S. Fashion Trends Imported From Abroad

Fashion is truly an international affair, drawing on styles of other cultures for inspiration.  A lot of the now  popular U.S. fashion trends have roots seeded overseas.

Photo of Zoolander

  1. The Metrosexual Look
  2. British soccer star David Beckham introduced the whole world to a new look for men, which involves more care in their styling and more attention to grooming, hair and fitted clothing. Since the advent of the metrosexual look, there’s been a boom in “male-only” salons and skincare/cosmetic products for men.

    Ugg Boots

  3. Ugg Boots
  4. The sheepskin boots first became popular with Australian surfers in the 1970s, and have made boots acceptable in the summertime. Ugg-mania may have kicked into high gear when Oprah Winfrey gave a pair to her entire audience. A number of celebrities can also be credited with Ugg popularity, especially Gwneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts.


  5. Jodhpurs
  6. Jodhpurs are a form of traditional dress for men in India, and came West as a popular form of horse-riding wear. But in 2010, a number of designers, most notably Balenciaga, debuted jodhpurs as everyday wear, and marketed them as a replacement for skinny jeans for women.


  7. Kaftans
  8. The summer of 2011 has been filled with the revival of the kaftan, a loose-fitting dress that originated in the Arab world. This is not the first time the kaftan has made its mark on western shores. In the late 60’s, the kaftan became the outfit of choice for stylish young hippies. It had another resurgence in the 1980s as a form of casual wear for older women. But this time, young stars such as the Olsen Twins and Miley Cyrus have been spotted in the sweeping garments.

    Skinny Jeans

  9. Skinny Jeans
  10. Skinny jeans have long been an essential part of rock n’ roll. Known as “drainpipe jeans” in the 1970s, they were essential to the look of British punk bands such as The Clash, The Ramones and The Sex Pistols, and were popularized by legendary British designer Vivienne Westwood. American heavy metal bands soon followed. British supermodel Kate Moss, however, brought the trend to women, along with the signature look of tucking the jeans into boots. Now, skinny jeans are everywhere, along with products inspired by skinny jeans such as “spray-on” jeans and “jeggings.”

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