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5 Tips For Recording Your Phone Calls


Spoken words disappear into the past instantly unless you capture and preserve them with technology. Now you can save them with a voice recording as well as an accurate written transcript. Here’s what you need to know about saving your phone conversations:

Recording phone calls is sometimes necessary

Do you need evidence of what your phone call was about? There are many reasons for needing a sound file and transcript of your phone conversations: Perhaps you need legal protection, or you want the person you’re talking with to be aware that you are paying attention to what they have to say.

Check the laws in your state

This website, created for journalists, lists each state’s laws regarding recording private conversations and then sharing the recording with others.

Mobile devices offer you several recording options

Google Voice is one free option for recording phone calls, and it works on both iPhone and Android systems. One important fact to keep in mind, however, is that Google Voice only allows you to record incoming calls. The app stores in Google Play and iTunes offer numerous recording apps for your phone, most of which will produce a sound file that you can save or share.

Get your call transcribed

Automated methods do not yet exist for turning audio recordings into readable written text. While dictation software is slowly improving, its technology relies on “learning” the characteristics of one user’s voice. There is no software that can transcribe audio of conversations between two or more people — and yet, it is often crucial to have a written transcript of a phone call. Rev.com provides skilled human transcription service, with affordable rates and fast turn-around time.

TapeACall integrates with Rev.com

TapeACall is the top-rated app for recording both incoming and outgoing phone conversations. Available in both Android and iPhone versions, this full-featured app includes an integrated sharing option to send your recording instantly to Rev.com for transcription. The streamlined function eliminates any need for saving, downloading and emailing sound files.

Even in our fast-moving digital universe, human skill plays an important part. Rev.com’s transcription service lets you use your mobile device as a gateway to access our transcription specialists. Now you don’t have to rely on memory or scribbled notes while referring to a crucial phone call; you will have every word of it safely preserved in an accurate transcription document. ContactRev.com to learn more.