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4 Reasons Why Journalists Are Using Audio Transcription Services

For journalists, recording a substantial amount of audio is simply the name of the game. Lengthy–or even brief–interviews must be captured in full. These audio clips are the key ingredient to crafting a powerful piece.

However, recording audio can pose problems if it means the journalist must transcribe it themselves. Luckily, a transcription service can handle the problem with expert ease so the journalist doesn’t have to. Here’s why journalists benefit from enlisting the help of a transcription service.

  1. Journalists have short deadlines for their work. For those who produce print articles, transcribing all that audio can be quite the time sucker … unless, of course, journalists enlist the assistance of an audio transcription service. Because of all of this, transcripts help journalists save time and meet those deadlines.
  2. Transcripts help make sure subjects are quoted correctly. Taking notes alone, or trying to type out the audio word after arduous word, is a recipe for a disastrous misquoting.
  3. Transcripts help journalists make a story better. This is because they can focus on crafting prose that packs a punch, not on checking and rechecking their hand-typed transcript for personal errors.
  4. Journalists can be free to listen rather than take notes during interviews. Believe me, this is a true asset. The more wholly a journalist can devote their attention to the subject of the interview, the more observant they can be, leading to a more insightful report.

The question on every journalist’s mind is this: where can I find a transcription service that is accurate, reputable, trustworthy and a true ally? Look no further than Rev. Rev.com is an excellent transcription service provider for journalists. It’s easy–simply send Rev your audio, let its team do the work, and it’ll send back your transcription within two days.


Rev’s team comprises skilled Revvers who will handle the work for you and a quality control team that will check over their work. With transcription rates at 98 percent or higher, they rank with some of the best precision rates in the industry.

Rev is reputable, too–Princeton University, US Bank, NYU and National Park Service are just a handful of the companies who trust Rev to get the job done. Wired listed Rev as one of the companies to watch for in 2015, reporting that services such as Rev are set up so that “the user gets a seamless, painless and super fast experience to a set standard.”